Essex County Bowling Association Group 6





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The players selected for the Ashford Cup trial game are shown on the Ashford Cup page (Updated 06-03-2015)


The dates and venues for the 2016 Ashford Cup. Group Knock Out and Wally Ball competitions are on the relevant pages.




The final of the Group competitions were held on Sunday 20th September at Bournemouth Park. Results and pictures on the competitions page.


Inter Group Knock Out.

After a close fought game in appalling weather Group 6 have won the 2015 Inter Group by 2 shots. Well done to all the players and to team manager Gary Telling.


Ashford Cup


A great team effort to win on 5 rinks saw Group 6 win the Ashford Cup. Congratulations to all the players involved this year and to the Team Manager, Kevin Watkins.